HOME/DiY: Fixing Teresa’s Jugs (chortle)

Dang-nab it!

This rather nice jug was one of the many ‘free for review’ items we got under the Amazon Vine scheme, which I took part in for a number of years.

At least it’s a single and very clean break.

My time on Amazon Vine appears to have ended. And this jug also appears to have reached a demise of sorts. Fortunately it’s a single and very clean break. Quite a rare occurrence!

Really ought to have pictured the actual mix!

Teresa was insistent that I fix this. So a free jug is now costing me roughly £5, which is what the Araldite epoxy cost. I mixed a good amount of that up, applied it liberally to the break line, and – as they say on TV – ‘wallah’!

Not too bad.

The pieces went together again very nicely. My only issue was removing the excess epoxy which didst leaketh from the seam. I wound up trying warm soapy water, tissues, and plain ol’ fingers. It’s far from conservationist levels. But hopefully it’ll do the trick, repair wise. And if you don’t look too closely, the damage is nigh on invisible.

The crack is just discernible.

I ought to have worn gloves when mixing and using this epoxy. And I’d liked to have known what if anything would act as a solvent, for cleaning away the excess. I did look into it online. But in such a cursory way that I just ended winging it.

Still, all told, not too shabby. Another small but (hopefully?) relatively rewarding little home fix.

MiSC: Amazon Vine – End of an Era?

Many years ago now, I was a regular contributor to Drummer magazine. One of the things I did was a regular monthly classic album column, called Recycled. I enjoyed this so much I started posting reviews to Amazon’s UK website. I don’t know how long that went on for before I was invited to join the Vine programme.

The Amazon Vine programme lets you have free things in exchange for reviews. And for many years now I’ve enjoyed being a part of this programme. But today I’ve discovered I’ve been booted off the programme for ‘violating the terms’ of the programme. It’s a bit annoying, as I’m not sure what my ‘sin’ is!

But on the other hand, as one door closes, another, hopefully, opens. Over the years the programme evolved, and, having initially been mostly sent books, it shifted towards all sorts of random stuff. And it’d gotten to be quite overwhelming. So a break from this could be a good thing.

But I’ll be sorry if that’s the total and final end of my involvement. As I got a lot of great stuff over the years.