HOME/DiY: Finished Repainting!

The current view from in bed.

Today, after my four hour morning am delivery shift, and lunch at Elsie’s, when I got home – after a love-fest with Chester – I finished repainting the walls of the master bedroom.

There are still some things that need doing: bits of skirting board, repairs to a chest o’drawers, etc. But having the walls done, a uniform colour, makes a big difference. To me at any rate.

Partial pano’, showing colour transitions before.

The above pic was the start of play today. From the area atop the shelves by the draught-excluder curtain, clockwise to the right of the mirror, you can see the old Egyptian Cotton colour.

The new colour (Cupcake?) is warmer and brighter. A definite improvement, methinks.

And after… another ‘partial pano’’.

The above is the after picture. Prior to replacing the mirror over the headboard. The panorama function can distort things (e.g. the lampshade!). Plus the numerous lamps make the colour less uniform looking. Oh, and there’s the dreaded mid-job mess.

There’s still a fair deal to be done: furniture to be mended, skirting boards to be painted, leads/wires to be tidied away (routed/hidden, etc.). And muchos declutterama!

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