MiSC: Thursday, Furze-day!

What a guy!

Whilst delivering in Stamford, I passed what looked suspiciously like it might be Colin Furze’s property. I didn’t deliver there as such. But I passed it, stopped, and thought ‘that’s gotta be it!?’ So I googled, and sho’ nuff…

Well I oughtn’t share that stuff. Even though it’s out there for anyone who cares to look.

But having established that my guess was correct, I thought, what’s to lose? I’ll see if he’s ‘home’. And sure enough he was. It looked like break-time in the lounge, with Rick.

Colin spotted me approaching, and answered the door. I’m not a fanboy type generally. But I do love Colin and his wacky YouTube shenanigans. Especially all the underground stuff.

I had an ‘underground tunnel club’, as a kid, and planned a Great Escape style getaway between my primary school and our home (about three miles!). We loved next door to an electricity sub-station… guess what!? Anyhoo, that’s another story.

I’d have liked to have asked for a guided tour. But I was working. And so, in all likelihood, was Colin. So I demurred. Asking only for a selfie with him. And he obliged. I hope one day I might pluck up the courage to ask to have a look around.

And I’d have loved to have stopped and chatted. Maybe another time? Still, meeting him and finding out where the underground stuff is happening really made my day.

Colin, you’re a major dude!

Oh, and note to self: get a selfie-stick, and/or learn to take better selfies. Colin looks great. I look like right tool.

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