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Kitchen window
Kitchen window, painted Permoglaze white.

Having had a little break from DIY and home improvement, yesterday I decided I’d start painting some of the kitchen woodwork. Unfortunately the light in the accompanying pictures isn’t great.

Kitchen window
Alternate view.

I’ve started with the window and the door, as they are quite high-impact, visually. The door itself is painted in Valspar’s ‘Asian Silk, a pale green not too far off the green I used on the outside of the door. It also goes well with the green we used for the kitchen walls. A happy accident.

Kitchen door
Kitchen door and frame, newly painted.

The doorframe, window frame and sill are all in Permoglaze white. Which has a deliciously rich finish. Not quite gloss, but perfect for internal wood, in my view.

Kitchen door
Upper kitchen door.*

As usual, I neglected to take ‘before’ pics. Something I really should start doing. It’s nice not just to see the new look, but to compare it to how things were before.

Kitchen door
Lower kitchen door.

Cramped conditions and poor light make photographing these areas tricky. I dint feel these pics do my efforts justice! One other thing taking these pictures prompted me to do was mop and scrub the floor. It was appalling!

Also visible in several of these pics is a second potential front door. It’s actually too big for our doorway opening. But we’ve met a neighbour who used to be a joiner specialising in wooden doors and windows. So perhaps he can help?

* There’s a terrible draught through this door, and you can see why in this pic. In fact the whole of the kitchen and bathroom outbuilding areas of our home appear rather shoddily built!

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