MUSiC: Epiphone ET-270

Epiphone ET-270
Epiphone ET-270. She’s a beauty alright!

Over the years lack of funds has compelled me to sell various instruments I’ve acquired, including amongst others, a Rickenbacker electric bass, a Rhodes 54 electric piano, an acoustic double-bass, and… very nearly, this Epiphone ET-270.

Epiphone ET-270
Epiphone ET-270. Phwaor!

Whilst photographing her for an ad I placed on Gumtree, it came home to me what a beauty she is. Just dig that headstock, with the mother of pearl Epiphone brand-name inlay. Gorgeous!

Epiphone ET-270
Epiphone ET-270. Note three-part construction of neck/headstock.

I also noted how the neck and headstock appear to be glued from three pieces, and again, look fabulous.  Over the years since I’d bought this from the brother of a pal, I’d tried several times to learn what model no/type it was, without success. Only when I tried to  sell it, thanks to a kind respondent to my ad’ (thanks Sam!), did I learn it was an ET-270.

Epiphone ET-270
Epiphone ET-270. Ser. no. 0182491.*

Furthermore, my asking price of £180, which I’d assumed might be asking too much, was, Sam suggested, too little. He’d sold his for over £300. There are several for sale on eBay for over £1,000! Boy, that kind of money would be really useful right now! As usual, I’m broke. But I’ve deleted my ad, and I’m going to try and hang on to this baby, ’cause I do love her.

Epiphone ET-270
Epiphone ET-270. Gorgeous!!!

Apparently the reason they’re worth a few bob is that Kurt Cobain had one, and used it a lot during Nirvana’s Bleach era. I enjoy a few Nirvana tracks, but I’m not a fan of the band or Cobain, as such. And I used mine a lot for home recording, as often as not for clean sounds on the jazz/funk/soul end of the spectrum. Though it has to be said, I did discover it was great for dirty, crunchy distorted sounds from the get go.

Other than having lost (or never had?) the tremolo arm, this is all original, as far as I know. The previous owner having it from new, and not modifying it in any way.

* Sometimes it’s poss to date a guitar from the serial no. Anyone know about Epiphones in that respect?


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