MUSiC: Dharmaland, Eden Ahbez/ÌXTAHUELE

What a groovy cover. And it’s… green!

This looks very intriguing. I’m listening to it now, via a stream on the Mr Bongo website. I love the name, and the cover design. And so far the music is rather lovely as well.

I haven’t delved into it much yet. But a quick look at the info on the aforementioned website (find that here) suggests it’s an ‘after the events/facts’ reconstruction, from Ahbez’s written scores, brought to life by a Swedish group, Ìxtahuele.

Eden Ahbez is famed for being a proto-hippy, and the composer of the jazz standard Nature Boy, as covered by everyone from Nat ‘King’ Cole to George Benson.

The vinyl is a bit steep (£35!). And vinyl’s not really my preferred format any more. I’ll see if it’s available on CD…

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