ART/MUSiC: Jason Galea’s Album Covers

One of my favourites.

I love the eclectic range of KG&TLW’s music. And, appropriately enough, their cover art is similarly broad ranging. Most if not all of it is the work of one Jason Galea. And I love his work.

Me want’um groovy green T-shirt!
Old Locomotive, The Murlocs, 2017

Galea does stuff for other folk, not just King Gizzard. Altho’ a lot (most?) of it does appear to be within the Gizz-verse.

Love the primitive model-making vibe here.

From slick, to simple, from psychedelic to stark, Galea’s work is very wide-ranging. And yet it all partakes of something with a core character, just as the music the Gizz-ers (and affiliates) makes also does.

Is this Jason?*

Find a whole heap of Galea’s album cover work on his website, here.

* I’m assuming it is. But the place where I found it doesn’t say…

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