DAYS iN: Dans Le Jardin

Cherry blossom paradise!

It’s wonderfully warm and sunny out, today. So we spent a bit of time in the garden.


Ah, the simple pleasures! Heinz cream of tomato soup with buttered toast, in the garden.

Cherry blossom #2.
The garden, looking rather splendid.
Wisteria, in (or on?) the ‘Green Room’.

Each year the wisteria growing over the green room frame gets more established. It hasn’t flowered yet.

Love the light on this.

We love how sunlight enlivens the structure; the glowing natural lines of vegetation contrasting with the man-made geometry of the structure.

A baby apple!

I think we’re due a bumper crop, fruit wise, this coming year. Certainly the apple, pear and fig trees are all pretty fecund.

A busy bee.

And the bees and other pollinators seem to like the garden as much as we do.

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