MiSC: Extremely Weird Dark Dreams

This Crumb cover has the feel of dream imagery.

Woah, Nelly! I just roused myself from a rather unpleasant dream. I wonder why such things happen? Is the mind rehearsing scenarios from which to practice escape? Or is it just the morbidity of plain unadulterated fear?

I kind of don’t want to give the ideas in the dreams the oxygen of further thought. And yet at the same time they’re darkly compelling and fascinating.

At one point there was a veritable maelstrom or kaleidoscope of imagery. Indeed, it’s my suspicion most dreaming us like that, with the conscious part of the mind trying desperately to parse some of it into meaningful narrative threads.

Fuseli’s infamous classic, The Nightmare, 1781.

Amongst the tsunami of weird stuff there were pleasant bits – banks of daisies in twilight meadows (the source of that easy enough to discern; something I saw last night whilst out delivering*) – but I didn’t see anyone driving a car in reverse at breakneck speed, over massive potholes, eventually causing their vehicle (a steampunk altered Robin reliant type affair, with rear view periscope doodad!) to cartwheel through the air.

One of the darker threads revolves around finding oneself trapped in an imminent demise you can’t prevent scenario. And the feeling of unavoidable impending doom was what caused me to wake myself up. Why allow my own mind to inflict such a horror story in itself?

My dad has said, very often (and esp’ so in recent years), that he’s disturbed a lot by nightmares. I’ve had spells. But not recently. And that’s despite real life circumstances that one would’ve thought conducive to deep anxiety. Might there be a genetic hereditary component? Or perhaps this just overspill from all my recent psychic trauma?

Another theme that emerges from this nighttime psychic Freak Out (hence the above-linked video) concerns how we as a species seek to control our own and others minds.

But one upshot of this moment of weird brain activity is that some aspects of it seem like perfect material for a crime thriller short story plot. Albeit a potentially psychedelically surrealist one…


Blossoms and daisies, Cambourne, whilst out delivering.

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