Most nights nowadays I listen to a video such as the one above, which helped me sleep last night.

I have the volume fairly low. And I might place the phone face down, so the light from the screen doesn’t undo the good work the audio is doing.

I started listening to these things at night during a period of appalling insomnia, probably about a year ago. These days, or rather nights, I’m sleeping like the proverbial baby.

And videos of this sort have played a part. I like ones in which one can discern the ‘plop’ of individual drops. As opposed to the ‘frying bacon’ effect of some. I guess that could be described as ‘slow heavy’ rain, as opposed to ‘light fast’ rain?

There are loads of such videos, and channels devoted to them. One hopes they are benign!? The good ones – and most I’ve tried seem pretty good – are 8-10 hours or longer, in duration. And, crucially, are not interrupted by the evil blight of advertising.

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