DAYS OUT: St John’s, Girton

A gorgeous day.

‘Twas lovely out, this evening. I saw this beauty of a church, and stopped to take a snap or two.

St John’s, Girton, on the edge of Cambridge.
Where does this little slightly ajar door lead?
Looking up the stairs.
Funky little room, over the porch.

Well, it leads up to… a funky little room, over the porch. That’d be a nice place to sit and read or write, methinks.

Another little door. Locked, this time.
Nice roof.
Modern stained glass.
Pulpit detail.
Chunky chairs, one.
Chunky chairs, two.
Main window.
Vertical pano’, main axis.
The graveyard.
Final parting view/shot.
Mackerel skies, on the way home.

All told, a pleasant time was had, out n’ about.

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