St. Mary The Virgin, Whaddon.

On my way home from my second and final delivery shift of the day, I stopped to admire St Mary The Virgin. I’ve often passed her. And she always turns my head. But this is the first time I stopped to investigate.

Sadly she was shut.

Re-thatching in Melbourn.

Passing through Melbourn en-route home, I saw this picturesque cottage being re-thatched. Took a quick snap. The Old Ways live on.

Looking back towards Flo’.

Back to St. Mary… I knocked at the door of the large house (former vicarage?) next to the church. But answer came there none.

Nice hedgerow arch.
Inside the arch.

The gorgeous hedgerow arch above looks amazing. It’s even more magical to take shelter under it in a downpour. As I was doing when I took these pics.

Tower through foliage.
Pano’ from the shelter of a yew.
Alas, the church was locked.
Moody weather by the road.

When I got home, utterly spent, it was feet up on’t couch time. But I spotted that the sky was unusually pink. So we popped out to have a look.

Amazing pink skies.

Kind of accentuates the cherry blossom.

Peachy and smoky.

These photos are nice. But they fall a long way short of capturing the actual colours, or the powerful impact of the light as we saw and experienced it. Magical!

A bit more lighting for the drum room.

I finally got around to moving the filing cabinet out of the corner, in my drum room, where I could’nae get at it. And I put a new lampshade on an old lamp, making it look fresh n’ new. The colour once again coordinates well with the feature wall.

And rearranged a bit.

There’s still vast amounts of stuff floating around without a proper home. But I’m chipping away at it all the time. Now… time for some serious bedtime reading:

Hmmm!? Choices…

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