HOME/DiY: Gas Hob Finally Done… Yay!

Thar’ she blows!

This post is headed up by the ‘after’ pic. Below is a before one.

Work in progress.

Simon, the guy who recently serviced our boiler, came over today. And fitted our has hob. It’s great to have all four rings working. On the old hob, the littlest one ceased functioning aeons ago.

At last, plumbed in and ‘cookin’ on gas!’
Our new electric oven, and our new gas hobs.

It took Simon a lot longer than anticipated to do this job. And it precipitated much cussing! Apparently almost all hobs differ slightly, making each one a new and different pain in the arse.

Still not used the oven, because…

The electric oven’s still not been used, on account of my wanting to be 100% sure there’s nowt left in there, transport or packaging wise. We don’t want melted foam or plastic stinking out the house, and ruining our brand new oven.

All shiny n’ new, gassy n’ blue.
To the left…
To the right…

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