DAYS iN & OUT: Cutting Up Waste Wood, ‘Fixing’ Fence, etc.

After; still not quite there yet, but much better.

There’s been an old broken door and various bits of wood, lying around looking ‘orribly messy in this spot, over the autumn and winter.

Before; remains of a door.
Messy and nearly empty woodpile.

I chopped it all up for the woodpile today. The woodpile has gone from almost totally empty to nearly full. Result! This also frees up space to work on finishing the pond.

A beautiful Robin, spying on my work.

We think the Robin in the above picture may be nesting nearby. He keeps popping back to this spot. Hunting and catching insects, admiring my tidying, and keeping a beady eye or two on us. Bless him!


After a quick dump, or rather, trip to the dump, to get rid of some junky bits of ‘wood’, I came home to lunch in the garden with Teresa. A boiger!

Burger off…
Mmm… Red Leicester and sweet chilli sauce.

Next job, fix some sagging fencing. This ought to be our neighbours’ responsibility. It’s their fence. There are some other parts of the fence that are as bad, or worse. They’ll need attending to in dew coarse.

A temporary bodge on some dodgy fencing.
Before (post is just leaning on fence!).
Riding my sawhorse, chopping out an angle.
Much better!

Look very carefully at the above pic’. Maybe zoom in on it… whaddya see? It’s our little red-chested avian friend. Perched on the post.

Our little pal checking out my work.

He actually landed on the post right after I’d finished putting in the last screw. Like a wee red-breasted foreman, making sure I’d done the job to his satisfaction! I didn’t think I’d caught that moment. But in fact I did!

We reckon he’s nesting t’other side o’ the fence. We can hear the shrill clamour of his bairns. Bless ‘em!

Fixing the honeysuckle trellis.

One section of trellis that’s got honeysuckle growing on it (thanks, mum!) was starting to fall to bits. So I secured it better to the fence beneath (above). And, along the end that was coming apart, I screwed all the members together (below).

All these joints were coming apart.

I secured this trellis panel using recycled fixtures that came off the knackered old fence-post, repurposed above as a prop, where the neighbours fence was caving in.

The wisteria coming back to life.

Spring is still a little chilly. But the sunshine and new growth makes it all glorious.

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