DAYS iN: Food n’ Frustration

Last night I cooked a paella. Perhaps foolhardy, having a Spaniard staying with us!? I kept it trad’, except for one or two things: I added chorizo, and the artichokes weren’t raw/fresh, but bottled (all I could get/less hassle!).

Antonio did a delicious salad, to go with it, with mango, walnuts, and balsamic vinegar. I’m not sure that his salad wasn’t tastier than my paella. Well, never mind. For dessert we had tiramisu.

Great poster!

After dinner we watched The Bridge at Remagen, on Amazon Prime. I have it on DVD, but it’s faulty! The old 1969 poster is sooo much better than the more modern packaging. My DVD, alas, uses the latter.

Hmmm… ok, but less good.

The foodie pics at the top of this post are the leftover paella and salad, which we just had for our Sunday lunch. Antonio is now off visiting Dad and Claire, with the girls. And after that, he’ll be in Spain till 5th June.

I’m still seething over what happened at Morrisons a couple of weeks ago, and the further blows life sees fit to rain upon me. And that’s making booking work with Amazon – easily and always the worst part of the job, by a margin – very dispiriting.

Looks like we’ll be missing this…

I’d planned to take us hup nurth, leek, to the above. The idea was to go today. But poor weather, total exhaustion, and the desolation of penury – oh, and Teresa would prefer to stay home! – all mitigate against that.

There’s a slim chance – if I could book a nice fat juicy shift today, for example – that we might be able to go tomorrow. But the odds are, alas, about 100-1 against. Hey ho!

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