DAYS OUT/CHURCHES: St John’s, Terrington St John

Mackerel Skies over Terrington St John’s.

I’ve passed this church numerous times of late. Always meaning to stop and take a look. But never yet doing so. And so today, I did. It’s down a little track, of a B-Road.

I didn’t clock as much interest or detail as some other recent churches. One thing I did like is the repeat pattern carved into the stone steps leading up to the altar.

Not a podium placing church, perhaps. But in its own humble way very nice. I like the ‘box’ pews. And the main window is great.

… and out.

As I left St John’s, I felt blessed. What is about church visits? It’s certain that for me I prefer to be alone. The peace, the solitude, the aesthetic wonderland. It’s always best on a sunny day, as both nature and human artefacts really sing in the sunshine.

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