WORK: Arty Moments?

At the address, ready to deliver…

I don’t generally post about work. I might post around work. Perhaps most commonly, if I’m visiting a church, say, after a shift. So I’ll refer to work indirectly.

Walking back to Flo’…
… after delivering to a ‘flock of bats’.

I’m frequently prompted to take photos in the Amazon Flex app. And sometimes I’ll also opt to take photos outside the app. Usually I’ll only do the latter if the app isn’t giving me the opportunity to accurately record the delivery.

But every now and again, I’ll see a passing moment worthy of recording, such as my shadow at the top of this post, or the abstractions of a trolley and its shadows, as I’m sat, waiting for my next shift to start.

My fascination with some of these images is no doubt related to the jazz album cover art phase I’m currently going through.

Jimmy Smith and… a shopping trolley!

I love how, in the shot above (an out-take photo from shooting for The Incredible Jimmy Smith at the Club Baby Grand) Smith’s incredible cool sanctifies a shopping trolley. If I had been the photographer – presumably Francis Wolff? – I’d have said ‘Let’s get that ugliness out of shot!

So here’s one of my shopping cart snaps edited a little, with a potential Blue Note style album cover vibe in mind.

Workin’, by Seb Palmer.

And here’s another one…

1st attempt… mnaah!

I include two attempts at funking this photo up, a la Francis Wolff. I think it’s interesting – these are just done on my iPhone – to see how an idea can evolve. Working in Photoshop one could do far more, of course.

And to finish? Going back to where this post started, but now as a cropped hi-contrast black and white image. Quite nice!

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