ARTS & CRAFTS: Card Roadster, Day 2

Got the wheels on today.

Today I got the wheels on, and did the rest of what I wanted to do to the body, inc the steering wheel. I could keep going. But the point of this little project is simple child like fun/creativity. Not perfectionism!

Needs the driving area sorting.

I’m happy with this little project. It was actually instigated by Teresa. Lor’ bless ‘er! She suggested a ‘copper wire sculpture’. But instead I did this.

Right, that’ll do!

Next step is to undercoat the model. And after that, paint her. British racing green, methinks. Again, I’ve considered snazzy paint ideas. But I’m going to stick with keeping things simple.

Far from perfect. But good enough for me.
I’m pleased with how she looks.

I took it to the shed and then actually sprayed the undercoat outdoors. Under supervision from Teresa! To make sure I wear a mask, and look after myself. And the spray does give a lot of airborne materials.

Sprayed with undercoat.
Rear view.

The next step, painting… I’ll get around to that when I feel ready!

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