MiSC/POLiTiCS: WWIII? Putin Needs Shootin’

The only medicine ‘mad dog’ Putin will understand.

Shit! Vlad’ is clearly mad!

He’s so far gone he can go on TV, knowing the entire world will see and hear him, and call the democratically elected leader of Ukraine, who is – according to German news channel DW (where I heard it first) and Wikipedia – Jewish, a Nazi, or neo-Nazi. Fucking mad!

Zelensky’s grandfather, Zemyon, fought the Nazi’s in Russia’s contribution to WWII, and lost his father and three brothers in the Holocaust. Putin, you’re a barking mad lunatic!

It seems pretty clear to me that he’s totally mad. A rabid dog, that ought to be put down. Why should the grunts and civilians die because Putin is trying to live out a Czarist/Soviet fantasy?

The current threat to world peace is, to my mind, greater than that posed by Osama Bin Laden. we could countenance offing him. Why not Putin? It’s obvious, of course. Putin has the military and espionage might of one of the world’s – no, sorry, the world’s mightiest nuclear super-power – at his back.

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