MUSiC: Rainbow Goblins, CD

This arrived today… ah, sheer bliss!

I’ve glistened to this album (it’s like normal listening, only better) several times a day since discovering it. And when I bought the CD, probably about a week ago now, the Amazon purchase came with a free download/stream option.

But there’s a sense of satisfaction, for me at any rate, in owning a hard copy of the music I love. For one thing there’s all the packaging, and artwork, and sometimes liner notes. Anyway, it’s off to bed(fordshire) with a decent pair of headphones to bathe in the rainbow…

Many (most/all?) of the images from Ul de Rico’s book are used on this spread!
There’s something a touch psychedelic in all this.
For me this is unquestionably the most beautiful artwork. Sublime!
And that’s the lot… pretty amazing!

As you can see, having the physical object to enjoy, as well as the sounds – these latter being the main attraction, naturally – is quite something.

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