SPORT: Football, Qatar World Cup ‘22 – Day 1, Ecuador Beat Hosts

Ecuador’s Cap’n scored 2 (or was it 3?) times!

My wife was delighted that Ecuador beat hosts Qatar today. Not because the host country has a dodgy record on moral issues. But because she has South-American roots. Her parents came to the UK from British Guyana.

I was delighted as well. But not just because I prefer the cultures of South America – many very troubled (which I believe goes for Ecuador?) – to anywhere backward enough to endorse Sharia Law. But also, frankly, because I hope that, if this World Cup does anything – besides entertaining sports fans and generating lots of money (the first I’m fine with; the second troubles me) – it might cause Qatar to loosen up somewhat. But somehow I doubt it will.

Some of the home crowd leaving a bit early.

I’m not a footy nut. So all I really know thus far is that beer was eventually vetoed. And given that the beer in question was Budweiser, I would understand if it were about the quality of the beverage. But as it’s not, as it’s a supposedly religious/moral thing… that I find pretty odious.

What’s obviously worse and of far greater significance are things like the deaths of many migrant workers, whilst building the stadia, criminalising people on grounds of sexuality, and making 50% of their own populace second class.

So, even though I skipped the whole preamble/build-up (my usual MO) – I was actually really pleased to note that Gary Lineker and the BBC weren’t dodging these issues. Quite the reverse. Oh, and the match was ok.

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