TECH: iPhones

My less than ideal state of mind of late has found me losing stuff more than normal. From phones or specs, to wallets and keys.

With numerous old iPhones laying around in various states of disrepair, I decided to recommission a couple.

My main phone now is an SE2020. I’ve just had a 6S and a 4 repaired. The 6S is to be my main backup (I’m typing this blog entry on it, whilst watching Trump vs. Allen on my SE2020!), and the 4? I might try and sell it, or just have it as a back up backup!

I might also use the 6S as my drum teaching MP3 player as it has double the memory capacity (64GB, as opposed to 32).

My local mobile repair place, Fonetek, did a good deal on all the repairs, essentially throwing in a battery replacement (I provided the battery itself) gratis.

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