FAMiLY & FiLM: Bruce Almighty (& more) at Hannah’s

I’m typing this in bed, just having watched Bruce Almighty, round at Hannah’s. The film wasn’t the highlight of our visit, by a long shot. But it was fun, and I might as well review it here and now.

Carrey and Aniston work well on screen together.

I have to admit that I do love Jim Carrey, and he’s pretty much the perfect actor for this role. Morgan Freeman, meanwhile, is surprisingly credible as God. And, whilst I’m not a big Jenifer Aniston fan, per se, as schmaltzy as her role here is, she does it well.

The titular Bruce (Carrey) is a self-obsessed narcissist, with a persecution complex, who presents the lighter side of the news for a TV station in Buffalo. It takes a brush with God (a Christian God, of sorts) to set him straight.

The divine Morgan Freeman.

If, like me, you’re a devout rationalist and sceptic, a ‘humanist and free-thinker’, then the religious or ‘spiritual’ angles of this movie might grate somewhat. But that said, it’s still damnably funny, in places, and has, at its somewhat saccharine heart, a very positive and pleasant message.

If you take the whole religious perspective part with a big bag of salt, as I do, then what remains is still funny, engaging, thought provoking, and well made. Ironically, perhaps, some of the best moments are also some of the least devout, as when Bruce ‘possesses’ first Evan Baxter’s teleprompter, and then Evan’s body.

This little sequence…
… is slapstick comedy gold.

What I take away from this fun and sometimes very funny movie is not anything remotely theological. I won’t bother taking it apart in relation to that thread. What remains for me, after all the laughing and the tugging of heartstrings, is a reminder to be humble, grateful, thoughtful and generous, and to take personal responsibility for one’s own life, as opposed to wishing for what you don’t have, and taking for granted or not enjoying what you do have.

Anyway, prior to this, Teresa and I enjoyed a lovely smorgasbord type dinner with Hannah, Ali and Sofi. We shared a few tipples, and there was even ‘red velvet’ birthday cake, and a bit of singing, in honour of Teresa’s birthday (the day before).

Mmm… yummy!

The food was lovely. And Sofi put some lovely French sounding music on, which set the perfect mood: jazzy accordion, guitar and bass, mostly, in a mellow and sophisticated Parisian café vibe vein.

We watched a fair few Simpsons episodes as well. What terrific fun they are! They almost always touch on themes that can be enjoyed by both big and little kids, such as peer group anxieties in childhood, or ageing in relation to being cool, and how music can be a big part of that. Very relatable.

The Second Base Mobile, Homerpalooza.

The Treehouse of Horror ones are particularly funny in a slightly macabre or twisted way. And in a similar (severed) vein, The Itchy & Scratchy Show segments are delightfully and disgustingly hilarious.

It’s very nice to be able to get away from home, and spend some simple humble quality time with family. And it’s gratifying to know that we get along so well and appreciate each others company. If only more of life could be like that!

The girls tucking in.
Teresa gets ready to chow down.
Happily satiated, after dinner.

We hadn’t planned or expected to stay the night. We probably should have. Anyroad, we are doing. And it’s lovely. Thanks Hannah, Ali, Sofi and Teresa what lovely ladies y’all are!

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