MUSiC: Thumpasaurus, Struttin’, etc.

I discovered this group, Thumpasaurus, after watching a few videos of Scots hi-energy funksters, High Fade. A trip to the latter’s website revealed that they were touring in support of a band called Thumpasaurus.

So I googled Thumpasaurus, and found these guys. This Californian group take their name (albeit spelled slightly differently) from the crazy musical universe of George Clinton’s Parliament:

Strangely, a musician friend, Dan Antopolski, who’s gone on to be a professional comedian, once had a group called The Thumpasaurus People, which might(?) have also featured Tom Finley, now of Groove Armada!

This American Thumpasaurus crew met at music school, and have opened for Knower and Vulfpeck. They have a very confident and charismatic frontman, and are clearly very good musicians.

Despite all of this, they aren’t entirely my bag. They talk quite a bit about funk, but I find most of their stuff more poppy. Plus the whole persona and antics of frontman and singer Lucas Tamaren are very theatrical.

Still, an interesting new group to have become aware of, with a few tracks, such as Struttin’, that I can really dig. And plenty of fun videos that are worth watching and enjoying.

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