BEER: San Miguel Tinnies Taste Shite!!!

I’m not a ‘real ale twat’, or even anything approaching an alcoholic beverage connoisseur. But I do have opinions, esp’ as booze is getting to be so expensive.

I’ve drunk San Miguel a little on and off. And I always felt that I quite liked it. But today I bought a four pack of 568 ml tinnies, and have decided it is – or at least these cans are/were – disgusting!

I actually wound up giving two of the four cans away, to a neighbour and his partner, as a ‘thank you’ for a little bit of help he gave me, when I was recently replacing my MX5 wheel bearing.

But I must confess I think most tinned lagers are pretty shite, these days. ‘Who cares what you think of beers?’ I hear nobody say. Well, this is my blog. I do!

And my low opinion of San Miguel is a cumulative thing; it’s the result of several disappointments in recent times. Culminating in a feeling that this last lot was nigh on undrinkable.

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