HEALTH & WELLBEiNG: Concrete Nose

Does concrete nose show? Not to my eyes…

Yesterday I chose to rise from the warmth of a cosy bed into the freezing cold of our unheated home (we’ve forgotten how to programme the boiler! I must remedy that ASAP, now it’s dipping below 0° outdoors!), and invigorate myself with a 10 minute Joe Wicks work-out.

And that was after a bad night of insomnia.

Last night I took Zopiclone, instead of Valerian. And it worked a treat. I slept solidly through till when Teresa gets up, around 5.30. And I’ve dozed on and off till 8am, since then.

But since eight I’ve been blogging, and sneezing continuously. This latter has been coming and going, along with ‘concrete nose’, since the weekend. I seem to have picked up a nasty head cold.

So I’m going to remain abed this morning, methinks. And try and get more restorative or recuperative sleep/rest. Plus it means I can defer re-learning how our central heating, boiler and thermostat system works.

I wish the latter were simpler; I’ve ‘taught’ myself how to operate it on several occasions. But it would appear it’s just not the kind of info my brain seems capable of retaining.

Regarding the ‘concrete nose’, I may be forced to flush my sinuses with my ‘netti pot’. Actually the thing I have isn’t strictly an Indian style netti pot, which look like mini watering cans, but a western adaptation, more prosaically known as a nasal irrigation tool.

Will it help at all, I wonder?

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