FOOD: Spaghetti Carboniferous…

Rate my plate, mate.

I had a really good day today. My decision to lie in till midday seems to have been a good one. I’ve not been sneezing constantly. And even the concrete nose effect has lessened. That said, I’m still sniffy and a bit bung-dup!

My delivery route took me around the pancake flat Fens today. And it was a cold, crisp, sunny beauty of a day. The autumn colours in the bright ‘Fall’ light… just… wow!

Fab colours!

I’ll post on that topic separately. This is about tonight’s dinner. Getting home plenty early enough, and with a lot of the dull quotidian chores that had been piling up done, I resolved to cook us dinner.

I’ve been suffering, mostly mentally, but also physically, quite badly of late. And it’s a bad habit to let that make one turn inwards and neglect life, one’s loved ones, etc. So, to pick up some of the slack that’s been falling Teresa’s way, I’m starting to do more domestically.

Onions browned, bacon in.

Above I’m nearly there already: I browned the onions much more than I usually do, but just as I always mean to. I got the chillies and parsley free at a church, during todays deliveries.

Al DiMeola pasta, with the meaty stuff added.
And then the ‘sauce’…

Though I say do myself, this might’ve been one of my better Spag’ Carburettors. Damn tasty!

Teresa tucking in.

Teresa was evidently both very hungry; wolfing hers down ‘toot-sweet’. And, the ultimate compliment, immediately going back for more.

Glad you like it, my love!

And after dinner, sitting in one of our armchairs, who should bless mr with his fabulous furry company, but dear young Chester. Ah, what bliss it was to have him camp out in my chest for 20-30 wonderful minutes. Purring away like a little generator.I’m frequently rather glum of late. And this was some of the best therapy I’ve experienced in ages.

Gor’ bless ya, Chester! ♥️🐾

After that, Teresa and I played there hand of rummy, Teresa beating me 2-1, and then we had our baths. And now I’m abed. And it’s only 7:50 pm! But we like our early nights. Especially in the cold dark winter months.

Getting there. Soon be on Vol. III!

I’m now on page 670 of Shelby Foote’s titanic and magnificent The Civil War, in a chapter called Riot and Resurgence. What a great read it is. A perfect way to wind down for an hour or so before hitting snoozeville.

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