HOME: Yuletide Prep’, Pt. I

Clearing space for the tree, Phase 1.

We had to move a butler sink, and tons of sundry crap, from under the stairs, then put a shoe rack in that space, move our second gate-leg table up against the stairs, and put our as yet unused fish tank in one of the sheds in the garden.

Whilst out in the garden I got all Alan Partridge – ‘look at all these leaves; someone should really ought to clear them up!’ – and cleared a load of dead leaves from our ragamuffin lawn, and onto the compost heap.

Phase 2, space cleared.

On having cleared some space, I realised this was the perfect time to sort out the tarty curtains that are both too long – so they funnel any heat from the radiator out of the window! – and are tattered and torn.

Curtains (and clutter!) removed.

Teresa fought me tooth and nail, insisting we do the tree first. But I figure it’d be easier to do the curtains before the tree blocks access to that area. So I just took them down, measured and cut them. Fait accomplis, Teresa fell in, and sewed the hems.

Chair re-‘thrown’.

An even smaller job, but one that’s been urging the hell out of me for a while, was sorting out this armchair: removing g all the layers, puffing up and re-positioning sunken cushions, and re-layering the throw. It’s now much more comfortable, and looks a lot better.

All these little jobs add up. Here’s another horrid area or two of clutter, that drive me doolally:

Teresa’s understair horror-show.

This area, and several others dotted around our home urgently need sorting. Otherwise I greatly fear – and I jesteth not – insanity beckons. The clutter really does stress me out that much.

The first newly tailored curtain back up.

Teresa re-hemmed the freshly cut curtains in short order. And they’re ready to go back up. At this juncture we realise we need a load more curtain rings. A trip to Boyes, and/or West End DIY is clearly indicated.

Just the one curtain nearly does the job.

The first curtain back up. And drawn. You’ll note there’s clearly no lining. That needs remedying at some point. Although I think Teresa plans that we have entirely new curtains, instead.

This ugly clutter needed sorting.

Then I decided to clear an area in the corner. All sorts of stuff had accumulated here, inc. auto related stuff, at materials, several lights/torches (inc. some good powerful ones!), and whatnot. I’ve just shifted this junk for now. But the improvement is encouraging.

Ta-dah! That’s so much better.

I need a dedicated space – at present it’s the shelf beneath the cleared area around the ukulele – for car related gubbins. Prob’ ought to be out in one of the sheds?

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