HOME: Yuletide Prep’, Pt. II

I’m soooo pleased!

We spent a portion of our afternoon on a shopping trip, taking in West End DIY, March Quality Meats (Yuletide duck, n’ sausages!), Boyes and Sainsburys… phew! During which we got seasonal fare, weekly grub, Xmas gifts and curtain rings.

Why does this sight fill me with joy?

The curtain rings were quite pricey, and aren’t a perfect match with the ones we started out with. But I don’t care, frankly. The whole shebang looks so much better than heretofore. So I’m mightily chuffed. Thanks Teresa, for your sewing skills (and forbearance!).

Got me a single bottle o’ beer…

I decided I’d imbibe. But under the current new dispensation alkeyhole is out. So I’m enjoying an alkoholfrei Erdinger weissbier. Alcohol free beer is, to my mind, a little like a white shade of black. Nonsensical. Maybe that’s why the bottle says ‘refreshing isotonic drink’?

Ok, there’s a trace of evil Al CaHole.

Still, it tastes ok. And it’s cheaper, albeit not by a big enough margin for my wallet. It’s cold, fizzy, tastes very beer-ish. And I won’t go doolally.

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