HOME/DiY: Fixing The Chandelier

Fixed, after aeons of neglect.

This chandelier had two of it lower chains of ‘cut glass’ (resin or plastic!) broken, ages ago. Since which time it’s looked a bit sad, frankly.

I should’ve taken a before pic’, but as happens so often, I did’nae. So it’s only the post-repair pics on here.

Not really noticeable at a glance.

In the end it only took a few minutes. Using quite fine wire, one of the broken chains was put back almost as was. The other one lost four piece of ‘glass’. So that required a different fix.

Up close one of the repairs is visible.

I’m pretty sure ill have kept the missing links. But exactly where they may be, or if I’ll ever find them again, well… that’s another matter entirely!

So instead I did what you can just make out in the above photograph. It’s a temporary bodge. But it’s doing the job for now. At least the chandelier doesn’t look as tragic as it did with two strands hanging forlornly off it.

Another little home improvement job ticked off. Small but satisfying.

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