DAYS iN: Chester, Meds & DIY/Chores

Dear ol’ Chester is evidently pleased I’m back home.

I had just enough time between my two delivery shifts today to pop home briefly. I needed to fit several reasons. For one, I’d forgotten to take my fortnightly injection last Sunday.

Time to get this done and dusted.

I can also do a few sundry chores: wrap a few more presssies, poss paint a bit more of the master bedroom wall; maybe hang the large mirror (I attached the mounting doodad just before our little break), and change into a new/fresh set of duds.

Chester is purring away mightily. Gorgeous!

I’ve fed Chester a bit: both regular dry food and some Dreamies (if that’s what they’re called?). A bit of bonding via his tummy is fine!

I’m fairly pleased with this.

I also mounted or ‘hung’ the large wooden framed mirror, over the (fairly) recently acquired chesty o’drawers, mit der blau front. It seems fairly well places/square. Mind, I’m not sure anything’s plumb square in this house!

That’s why there were no doors at all in the upstairs areas; all the walls and doorframes are out o’ whack. I’ve subsequently installed doors in all the empty frames. But the only serve to illustrate how wonky everything is!

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