DAYS OUT: Mystery Trip, Pt. II

This photo fails utterly!

I took the above photograph while out delivering today. It fails utterly to capture the amazing contrast between heavy leaden grey skies and a band of pinkish-orange luminescence that was so arresting I had to stop traffic to take the shot.

Selfie alert.

I don’t go in for selfies, as a rule. But I wanted to see myself as I was seeing myself, so to speak. Also, this room is very like, in terms of wall colour, our blue room, back home. You think you’re being different, only to find you’re part of the zeitgeist!

Where be this, then?
Nice door glass.
Crappy pic of amazing chandelier.

Strolling towards supper, I took a few urban nightlife pics. Good God, I’m so out of the loop these days. But I should care.

Going all Poirot, avec my napkin.

Shouldn’t have indulged in eating out. The food was great. But my sensitive nature was offended by the grossness of humanity. Teresa liked the nosh. Thank goodness. But she don’t like ‘avin ‘er pitcher took…

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