HOME/DiY: Tidying & Mending – The Endless Saga, cont.

Ok, let’s address this area (again!).

I had to cancel my dentist appointment this morning, and reschedule it. ‘Cause I’m too broke to pay the quite small/nominal fee an NHS patient is still required to pay.

So I’m back home, doing a few odd-jobs around the house, before going to work, and then out for a birthday curry at The Maharajah, with Dan and Amy Ellis. Dan’s 52 today. How are we going to pay for that? … aargh!

This little bit snapped off, years ago.

So, the first little job is a fix: glue this little bit back on to this chair. I used Titebond (3A?), an American woodworking glue that I really like. I held it in position for ten solid minutes, wiping off excess glue as I waited. Hand-holding this seemed easier than trying to rig up a clamp for such an irregular and small piece.

Holding it in place as the glue starts to set.

I thought about drilling holes and having a reinforcing rod inside the broken joint. But that’s way too much of a faff for me the way I am at present. Which is perpetually utterly exhausted. The discerning eye may note that even with this fix, a wee bobble is still missing, atop this broken ‘finial’ (or whatever it is?).

Ta-dah! Let’s hope it holds?
The more complete one, on t’other side.
And a clean cleared surface.

Clearing messy areas is a constant ongoing process in our home. And probably in most. But in ours it’s a more commonplace and arduous task as there’s ‘too many pigs for the tits’, to misappropriate an Abe’ Lincoln saying.

Too much stuff, and not enough storage. So it becomes a perpetual juggling act. Very tiring! But in those brief moments of clean orderliness it’s very nice. I’m having a wee tea break now. But battle will soon be re-joined, in the neighbouring bedside/modelmaking zone.

This lot needs clearing. Well, most of it.
Not quite there yet, but a lot better.

Well, I think that’s me done for today, in this corner. I still have plenty to do elsewhere around the bedroom. Never mind in all the other parts of the home.

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