CRAFT/MODELS: Can I Flog Stuff I’ve Made?

Hasegawa Egg-Plane TBF Avengers.

I bought these two kits at Duxford, over 20 years ago. They’ve been built for a long time too. I ought to dust them off a bit, I guess?

They’re painted and decal’d in a basic way.

The original decals had mostly dried up and cracked. I did manage to use the orig’ star/bar ones. But all the numbers/letters just disintegrated. Leaving me to either leave off the numbers altogether, or kind of bodge them (E16)

The most fun part was..

The most fun I had on these was detailing the cockpit interiors. They were super basic as supplied. All I did, tbh, was add straps to the seats, and paint the interiors. The hardest part of these two builds was masking the framework of the cockpit canopies.

I’m not 100% (or even 50%) sure of this. But I think the one with the red edged star/bar things might be USNM, as in US Navy Marines, the other being either plain Army or Air Force?

Penfold, from Dangermouse!
Dear ol’ Popeye.

The above two ‘shrinks dink’ thinks we’re my first ever foray into a little crafty fun, that Sofi and Ali shared with us once or twice, when we were visiting (and poss looking after?) them.

They’re not brilliantly executed. Being my first attempts. And I also learned that the simpler the overall shape – both mine are prob’ a bit too complex – and the ‘blockier’, the more success you’ll have shrinking them flat.

Both of mine have warped a bit when heating/shrinking. And Popeye’s even cracked a little. But he always was more than a little cracked.

I’m wondering can I flog these things, as part of my effort to de-clutter? Or do I just throw them away? That last seems a tad sad…

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