DAYS iN: Proletarian Fare #6, Kedgeree

The eggs came out poifeck!

Made us a simple kedgeree, for today’s lunch. The recipe called for it to be mainly cooked in a casserole dish, in the oven. Is that the normal way kedgeree is made?

Teresa and Pat tuck in.

Pat wanted his eggs hard-boiled, whereas Teresa and I like ours soft, but not runny. The eggs came out exactly right (8-9 mins, for Pat’s, 6 mins for ours). And I’ve got the hang of peeling them without destroying them now, as well.

Nearly eaten…

I stopped the cooking after 25 minutes – the recipe says 30 – and I’m glad I did; any longer and it’d have been too dry. Fortunately this was a success. Delicious, and easy to make.

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