DAYS OUT: St Faith of Aquitaine, Wilsthorpe, & St Michael & the Angels, Langtoft

Backlit by the sun.

Another two-church day. Another good day.

St Faiths.

First church of the day was St Faiths of Aquitaine, Wilthorpe. A rather unusual little church, in a tiny little village. Perhaps it’s even just a hamlet?

Rather classical Adams type porch/entrance.
Graffiti on the walls inside the entrance.

If you look carefully, you might spot ‘E C 1774’, above. That’s 250 years ago!

View from the entrance towards the altar.
Lovely light through the windows.,
Modest wooden pulpit.
Altar area.

There are a number of very beautiful organic carved stone corbels:

Like a few churches I’ve been into recently, this one has a room above the entrance. This time, however, I was able to access the space.

Looking down, from atop the stairs.
Looking across from atop the stairs.
Little six-lobed light, upstairs.
View over the church, from above.

A great little church. Like so many, a bit different, with a character all of its own.

Last time St Michael’s was shut.

The second church, St Michael & the Angels, is one I’ve been to before. But on the previous occasion ‘twas shut. Today it was not just open. They had a tea n’ coffee morning on as well!

Lots of plain glass.
Nice roof.
The lone stained glass, is in the vestry.
Nice old chest.
A little niche.
Nice bit of paving.
Looking down the nave.
Weathering and wooden details.

There’s some interesting trickle effect weathering, noticeable on the arches. Less discernible in my snaps, but striking when you’re there, are the sculpted wooden figures at the bases of the supporting roof arches.


Not sure what’s going on up here? A pipe leads into a small boxed off area. Note how the utilitarian is still given decorative aspects, with the various shapes at the bottom.

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