DAYS OUT: St. Andrew’s, Walpole St Andrews

An interesting church.

Sadly this church wasn’t open at the time I stopped to have a look. So these are all exterior shots.

The taker and church look different.

The way it looks, at first (and second!) glance, the tower and church appear to be of differing vintage.

Rather patchy brickwork on the tower.
You can see right through, t’other side.
Defunct stairs to bricked up door.

I always like these oddments, such as these steps leading to a bricked up door.

Viewed from the other (West?) side.

Looking at this old building, on this cloudy and occasionally rainy day, with the sun behind it. It looks pretty picturesque.

From a bit further back.

The rather unkempt graveyard also has a charm. It was nice to step back and get more of the moody sky in frame.

An assortment of doors and windows.

More patchwork weirdness. Love the big door/little door and big window/little window business, going on here.

Church tower and village sign.

The village sign is a nicely unusual metal thing, combining steam age (I nearly said railway, but it’s a traction engine!) and church heritage imagery. Intriguing!

Zooming in on the sign.

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