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The new feature wall colour, ‘French Mustard’!

The feature wall in the drum room was supposed to be ‘Dragon’s Lair’ blue. The same as the Guest Room. But summat went awry, and, as you can see below, we wound up with two different shades of blue. Bummer!

The ‘feature wall’ gets a repaint.

At the top of this post is the final shit I took before turning in for the night. Turned out well! The above, by contrast, is the first pic, aka ‘Making a Start’…

Defola needs two coats!

So, I’ve obvs gone with a different colour, for this re-paint. The change was prompted by the moving of two full sets of bookshelves, out of the drum room. The colour is ‘French Mustard’, once again from B&Q’s Valspar range.

The lighting in this room is awful. And it’s cramped beyond credulity. Which makes working in there pretty hard going! Still, with Frog Tape and plenty of patience, I’ve got one coat down.

A bit patchy or blotchy.

I’m glad I opted for a full tin of paint. I nearly went with just two sample pots. That’d’ve been less than half the cost. But it wouldn’t have been sufficient for two coats. And as you can see, this needs at least two coats.

I did wonder if I should’ve done a white undercoat? Painting on top of the dark blue was bound to create issues. Esp’ so as it’s also two differing shades of blue.


We’re now watching One Million Years B.C. Raquel Welch is mesmerising. Stunning! At some point, however, I’ll be off upstairs to do another – and I hope final? – coat.

Second coat. slight horizontal pano’.

It’s 11pm, and I’ve just finished the second coat. It’s still looking a bit uneven. But let’s see how it looks Tamara.

Vertical pano’. A total mess!

It’ll also doubtless look a lot better once the room itself is better organised. We’re in a permanent state of flux, at present, getting the Blue Room ready for Antonio, with lots of stuff floating around whilst we try and reorganise.

Oops… accidental snap!

The above was an accidental snapshot. But I’ll keep it, ‘cause it shows the colour, to some extent, with less distracting detail.

And one last parting shot.

Back to One Million Years B.C. I have to say, I like this film a lot. Esp’ for certain aspects, such as the soundtrack – both sound design and music (much grunting, little speech – fab!) – various aspects of visual design, and stuff like the dinosaur animations (Ray Harryhausen). Oh, and of course, for Raquel Welch, in a furry bikini!

It’s nearing midnight, and the volcano has just erupted (in the movie; that’s not a euphemism for r reaction to Andress!). The film ends! Brilliant. Must’ve been something special back in the day.

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