MUSiC: The Shad Shack

The Shad-meister!

Recent listening to Charles Kynard has prompted me to recall a period, some years back, when there was a huge surge in folk online posting rips from vinyl, of obscure records not then available on CD (or even streaming).

Extremely groovy stuff!

This period saw huge amounts of less well known music being made available. It was a temporary boom, as there are obviously potential copyright issues. But it gave a small window of opportunity for those with eager ears to discover new and unknown material.

One of the sites I particularly dug back then was this one, or rather, this one, on Mainsteam Records’…

What a funky logo!

I hoovered up as much of it as I could. So I have a good deal of the classic Mainstream 300 series as MP3s. But it’s even better getting this stuff on CD. The three Kynard albums are absolute gold. Love ‘em.

The Mama Don’t Dance crew.
The original ‘72 album.
BGP’s ‘complete’ reissue CD.

When funds allow I’ll be getting more of the Jap’ reissues. I already have all the much vaunted Alice Clark stuff (that was released in the UK on CD, some while back). But it’d be great to get some Roy Haynes, Hal Galper, Pete Yellin, Hadley Caliman, Mike Longo, etc.

Caliman looks Damn cool, here!

I hadn’t realised that Caliman is on Santana’s Caravanserai, an all time favourite album of mine, from Devadip’s purplest of patches. He plays sax on track one, ‘Eternal Caravan of Reincarnation’, and flute on track ten, ‘Every Step of The Way’, opening and closing proceedings.

To read more about The Shad-Meister, try this link.

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