DAYS iN/HOME: New Fridge-Freezer

Fab! Unboxing fun to follow…
New Hotness Coldness vs Old & Busted!

The old combo is actually two separates; a fridge and a freezer. Hence the extra height of the ol’ stack.

Plugged in and running.

So I’ve plugged the new gal in, and she’s humming contentedly. I’ll give it a few hours, to reach operating temperature, and then start transferring the perishables.

What will I (we) do with the old units? I’d like to just bun them both. We already have a decent second fridge-freezer upstairs. Mind, the latter is in the guest room. For tenant’s use, as a d when we have guests or lodgers.

We have to thank our friend and brother, Dan Ellis, for this (and other kindnesses). Despite Teresa and I both working we’re right on the knife edge of survival.

This is quite largely due to my circumstances of the last fourteen months. Which hopefully, now that they’re resolved, will improve. What can we do in return, I wonder?

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