MUSiC: City to City/Night Owl, Gerry Rafferty

This arrived yesterday.

When I were a wee nipper, mum and dad had Sleepwalking, by Gerry Rafferty, in their record collection.

Nostalgic (but very vague) memories…

Despite, like anyone else with ears, hearing Baker Street ad nauseam, over the years, I failed to realise that it was Gerry Rafferty – despite his very distinctive voice – singing ‘Stuck In The Middle With You’, with Stealer’s Wheel.

Anyway, I watched a documentary about Gezza yesterday, and thoroughly enjoyed it. I liked in particular his ornery non-compliance with Music-Biz diktats… so I bought this cheap twofer.

And now I’m eating a Big Breakfast lunch in Tesco, whilst reading – or rather browsing – the above tome.

Nice to see the Angel roof of St Wendreda’s receiving fulsome praise and two decent photographs.

Interesting… I hadn’t spotted ol’ Nick!

I think I’ll go visit a church or two, on this, my first (full) day off in a while. But I’ll post about that separately.

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