DAYS iN/OUT: Mowing the Lawn

Prole fare, for lunch In’t garden.

We have Patrick stopping over. Just had a pot noodle each, in the garden, for lunch.

Teresa, always overjoyed when I take a snap.

And then I mowed the lawn. Or the scrub that passes for a lawn at ours.

Pathway through the ‘cottage garden’.
Almost a lawn, from this angle.
The left is the bad area. Needs re-turfing!

Re-turfing bear patches (growl!) is a job we ought to do ASAP.

Teresa puts the picnic chairs and table back.

Teresa puts the picnic chairs and table back, as Pat tries to get out of camera shot. You can’t escape, Pat; even out of shot, we can see your baleful shadow…

Definitely looks better.

I always enjoy cutting the grass. Both for the job itself. And for the results. Overall our garden is still a messy, shaggy affair. This little note of civilised order brings a welcome note of contrast. And a slightly reassuring sense of our ability to, if not control the garden, at least interact with it.

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