FAMiLY/DAYS OUT: Dad’s, St Mary’s, Hardwick, etc.

Lunch at Frankie’s Café: Dad, me, Teresa and Sam.

Teres and I spent yesterday evening and most of today, over at dad’s, in Hardwick. He treated us all to lunch at Frankie’s café. Thanks, Pops!

Sadly, Frankie’s had just been burglarised, the evening/night before. Subhuman scum, as Alan Partridge would say. But we didn’t let that spoil our lunch.

St. Mary’s, Hardwick. Glimpsed through hedges and trees.
A lovely setting.

This was another locked/closed church. But there was some kind of scent going on nearby. Enquiries after were made, successfully, for a key. And lo, we gained entry.

A gallery of images…

The church is officially closed. In part due to ongoing repairs. Which can be seen, kind of, in the last pic, above. And under these circs it was doubly nice to be let in to see the interior.

Small square scrap of original wall painting.

I’ve used my iPhone’s built-in software to enhance the two images immediately above and below. Neither photo as taken was particularly good, or easy to discern. Even tweaking the filters leaves much to be desired! But both have been somewhat improved upon.

Much larger wall painting fragment.

The only thing I can make out in the smaller square one is a bit of red ochre type colour, and what looks like the outline of a circle. Pretty paltry!

But the much larger image is also much better. A crowned man is sat upon a lion, and above are two more figures. There’s also a scroll, which would doubtless have featured writing.

Certainly not the most beautiful or exciting church we’ve ever visited. But, as ever, she yields up interest if closely studied.

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