DAYS iN & OUT: Teresa’s B’Day!

Breakfast & bubbly in bed.

In keeping with our birthday traditions, Teresa had two croissants (as did I: one with bacon, tomato & onion, the other with a soft-centred fried egg), and some bubbly and/or Bucks Fizz.

Hers with Champagne, mine with ‘Nozecco’!
Teresa enjoys quality birthday cuddles with Chester.
Lunch in the garden.

After breakfast in bed, and a lie-in, it was lunch in the garden. Moules mariniere, smoked salmon, salad, garlic bread, etc. The heat was so intense, we ultimately changed posish’.

From here, in the sunlight.
To here, in the shade.
Hiding in the shadows.
Chester does likewise.
Crème Brûlée desserts.

After lunch we drove over to Ely, and parked our buns on the street where Riverside Antiques is. Once parked, we toddled down to the riverside itself, and set up shop, in the shade. Lovely!

River pano’.
Sat by the river, Ely.
With a gorgeous view.
Willow tree bizniz…
We get ready to leave this idyllic spot.

We spent a couple of hours by the riverside. Teresa visited the Antiques gaff, whilst I chilled, waterside. We had wanted to take the Ely riverboat cruise. But they were shut, sadly.

Leaving riverside.

Next stop. The Lamb Hotel, in Ely town centre, for dinner.

Choosing dinner.

We both opted for roast pork, etc.

The heat!
Tucking in to our roast pork.

As ever, Teresa is over the moon at having her picture taken. Food arrived scarily quickly. And was ok. But I wouldn’t opt for it again.

Telephone call from mum, etc.

Teresa generally only drinks alky-hole, if at all, on Friday and Saturday. I.e. not when she’s working. And I’m currently more or less constantly tee-total.* So water was the beverage of choice! Actually Teresa had some OJ, as well.

* I’m basically tee-total. But I’ve had a single drink – usually a bottle of beer – on a few occasions. Literally just two or three times in the last six months.

Water, our beverage of choice!

Dinner over, a few more pressies unwrapped, family calls taken, and bill paid, we skedaddled. Homeward bound.

Teresa’s wrapping up her day with Hitchcock’s Rear Window. Her all time favourite film. I’m so dog-gone tired, I’ve retired to bed, at 7.30 pm.

I’m typing this, trying to book more Amazon delivery shifts, and eating a bit of Teresa’s birthday (choccy) cake. I may start reading this:

Bought today, at Topping.


Nope, no reading. Instead, just semi-watched some Duckula. Or rather Duckula played on DVD/TV, whilst I looked for work, and wasted time on FB. I need to wean myself off so much phone screen time!

Time to go downstairs n’ pee… that’s what it’s come to…

It feels a little churlish, to append what follows to the ostensible happy times of T’s b’day, butt… I feel I must!

When she was at the Antiques Emporium, Teresa bought a book. It was, funnily enough, a book I’d also spotted (although I didn’t investigate). I innocently asked why she’d bought it.

Rather than simply answering my question (e.g. “‘cause I like the illustrations”, which is probably the reason), she proceeded to be really horrible to me. Quite why, I simply don’t understand. It’s something that couples seem to do; bicker totally unnecessarily!

Maybe she thought my question implied some kind of pejorative criticism? Which it absolutely didn’t. I just wanted to know why she’d picked that particular book. It had a nice cover (one of the reasons, I reckon). But in some ways – a science book about weather n’ suchlike – it seemed an odd or unusual choice.

And it was mainly the tone – the embodiment of nagging turned sour; anger, vitriol and hatred – the spirit of it, that really shocked and upset me.

That kind of out the kibosh on the rest of our day, for me, alas. I tried to just let it pass. But the truth is, it’s brought on a pretty profound depression. Maybe I should tell her? Maybe not… I just dunno!?

So weird! A lovely sunny day. A picturesque spot. Me going out of my way to make sure she gets to do whatever she wants. And boom. That shit blows up in my face.

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