DAYS OUT/CHURCHES: St Mary the Virgin, Stow-cum-Quy

St Mary, Quy.

St Mary The Virgin was the first of three churches I visited today. When I arrived it was pouring down with rain. And the church was locked. I took most of the pics in the first gallery wandering around outside, getting very wet.

But a notice in the porch directed me to a nearby key-holder, and I was soon back, to snoop and snap around the interior. I’m no expert on church architecture. I just love wandering around, and soaking up whatever appeals to my eye or mind.

As with almost all old churches, the more you look, the more you find, and longer you linger, the more you see. Here we have a couple of fragments of an old wall painting. A font supported by stone angels. And some wooden rafter-angels.

There also lots of little heads, and heraldic stuff. Some of the heads are on windows, outside. Some are in the interior stonework. And, as in most churches, there’s the evidence of multiple layers of building, repairs, additions, subtractions, and suchlike.

Even, as here, when there’s no really nice fancy stained glass, I still love the windows. And overall I simply find these places endlessly fascinating.

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