DAYS OUT/CHURCHES: St Mary’s & Saints Syriac & Julitta, Swaffham Prior, Pt I – St Syriac

I’ve read online that ‘twin’ churches, on the same spot, aren’t quite as unusual as one might think. Indeed, there are – so this website said – several more such pairings in Cambs alone. But, despite this, to my less experienced churchical sensibilities it still seems a bit unusual.

It also said that given the position of this church, it’s likelier the older site of the two. Even though the bulk of the fabric of Syriac’s is newer (Victorian; witness the interior!).

There’s something of an irony here, inasmuch as it’s the newer (albeit older looking) St Mary’s that remains an active ‘house of worship’. Syriac is a CCT property, and is currently mostly empty.

Looks like it’d be a great venue for cultural shenanigans. From music (quiet!), to art, maybe even drama? Prob’ comes a cropper on all that modern health & safety bollocks, nowadays. What a waste…

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