DAYS OUT/CHURCHES: St Mary’s & Saints Syriac & Julitta, Swaffham Prior, Pt II – St Mary’s

Moving from St Syriac to St Mary’s… gorgeous!

Next, the tower of St Mary’s. A truly magnificent space. With some very ‘gnarly’ exterior stonework.

I could linger in or under that tower for ages. And indeed, I did just that.

As the above panorama shows. There’s a lot to take in. The modern stained-glass is noteworthy for being both very clearly modern, and yet actually really very good. Not a combo I’m used to.

What we have here is a textbook example of an embarrassment of riches. Every which way the eye doth turn, it’s belaboured by rich craftsmanship and beauty. An intoxicating and overwhelming experience.

Pause for breath…

Elvis exits the building.

I love the above panoramic view of both churches.

It had just about stopped raining when I left, and was merely dripping. The green stuff growing on the trunk of the tree, above, seemed to capture a perfect feeling of the dank, dark, rich greenery.

A final parting shot…

As I’ve said here before, one church visit whilst out and about is good. Two is great. Three? Well, I feel blessed.

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