DAYS iN & OUT: Garden Pond Stuff

Part I

Returning to this project.

Finally getting back into this, after a very long lay-off. This little gallery shows the small bit of progress I made today.

And here a few more pics, just of the garden in general.

Gorgeous rose!
Lush greenery.

Lots of rain, and then lots of sunshine, equals lots of greenery.

Part II

A day or two later…

Had a delish’ curry dish Teresa had cooked a while back, Blue Peter style; here’s one I made earlier.

Mmm… tastosterone!

We had dinner in the garden, and I made a fire.

Built a fire.

And later spent a few minutes more on the pond…

I ‘dug in’ the wee bridge, over the connecting channel of the pond.

Chester checks out the bridge.

What really made my day was when the furry foreman gave it his paws of approval.

The foreman approves!

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