DAYS OUT: Brunch at Mum’s, Walk in Abbots Ripton

Pride of place!

We had a delish’ brunch round at mum’s today. Not been over there in a good while. ‘Twas very nice. Also gratifying to see a number of my ancient artworks about the place!

These aulde artworks are a reminder to me that I ought to start with the art again.

Cottage, Abbots Ripton.

After a lovely lunch, we went for a country walk in Abbots Ripton. Mum’s doing really well with her two new hips! It’s great to see her regaining full mobility.

This whole area – pictured in these galleries – is just part of the De Ramsey estates. Incredibly lovely. But a bit odd. A reminder of the ongoing feudal nature/legacy of England, right down to the present.

I used ‘google lens’ on the unusual large round leaf, pictured in the gallery a note. Whitebeam, apparently.

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