CLOTHES, etc: Green! Part 1

I’ve got a thing for green clothing right now! My 51st birthday is looming. And I really want some new clothes, to put a little cut in my strut, a bit of glide in my stride!

I love the T-shirt/vest/top, whatever the thing above is! Need to get my bloated belly in shape though, to really enjoy sartorial splendour!

I love these khaki green Converse trainers. Over recent years I’ve developed something of a sneaker fetish!

Oh, man… I sooo dig this green shirt! I’m thinking that a short shift I do delivering for Amazon can net me me one of these items a pop. Five or six extra shifts, and I can have all of these… if I so choose! The temptation is too strong!!!

I love both colour, shape and pattern of this shirt sleeves top. Is this what Los Yanquis would call a vest?

I’m really not one for ‘trackies’, to be honest. But I do love this stylish zip-top. Although I’m not gigging at present, I’m intending to start making drum videos. Partly purely for pleasure. Partly as a means to improve my playing, and partly to make more teaching resources available to pupils. And some snappy togs for drum videos is a definite must!

Okay, so these aren’t green. But, hot damn! They are super sexy. I jes’ gots to get me some of these!

Back to the green theme. Above, some really nice Adidas Hamburgs! And below, a ladies sweater that I doth covet!

Fannily emuff I am actually getting a ladies jumper for my Xmas or birthday, quite soon. In yellow:

Looking for’ard to wearing this baby!

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